ZAAR is the solo-project by Sara Flindt, loopartist from Aarhus, Denmark. With her 2 bandmates, ZAAR creates a majestic and experimental sound that you wouldn’t believe is maneuvered by a trio. ZAAR’s versatile universe both contains aggressive beats and synth lines while touching the listener with beautiful and vulnerable moments of great intensity.

The band consists of Bjarke Amdrup (Kr4n) and Jonathan Ludvigsen ( Athletic Progression)

ZAAR debuted with a double single release of “Last Song” and “Foolish Ways” in 2017 which has been described as “minimalistic, daring, liberating and frightening” by danish music blog Bands of Tomorrow.

This summer, ZAAR recorded what has become the debut EP ‘Lost My Sense of Humour’ in Ocean Sound Recordings in Norway, that is to be released in the beginning of 2019.

The 1st of November the single “For a While” was released. Additionally, ZAAR has released two live sessions “Holding Your Hand” and “You Don’t Know” and played at festivals such as Spot Festival, G! Festival in Faroe Islands, the Rockwood Music Hall in New York and Iceland Airwaves in 2018.


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