Welcome to a world of knobs, wires and blinking diode circuits. Welcome to Simon Littauer’s self-built, hand-made electronic music. He composes and plays live on a modular synthesizer. It’s an instrument without keys and no presets to rely on. Littauer is a man believing in the strength of improvisation. He’s a fan of live production with no computers and no backing tracks. He works his synthesizer and creates a true live techno concert, and the aim is to make you dance. Like a DJ he builds up a vibe around the people and the venue he is performing at. Only difference is that he uses sounds created on the spot.

Simon Littauer is a danish electronic musician, producer and composer, based in Copenhagen. His sound revolves around techno and experimental music.

Simon Littauer has come to the scandinavian scene with a massive impact, receiving praising reviews and performed over 50 shows in two years at festivals such as Roskilde Festival, By:Larm, G! Festival, Distortion, Musik i Lejet etc. and venues like; Ved Siden Af, Culture Box, Store Vega and Pumpehuset etc.


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