Sassy 009 make sassy music for sassy people, sad people and happy people. The band consists of Sunni, Tia and Joe, all Oslo natives. Their music feels like sitting in a dirty metro cart, driving through a landscape that shifts from rush hour at central station to pink skies without a notice, at a speed that feels as if you’re moments from take-off. Their deep basslines hit you right in the stomach, their voices pour through you like water, and the floating, yet hypnotizing flute will leave you questioning all you know about run of the mill songs…

"Are You Leaving is a song that can enhance any mood, anywhere." & "excellent experimental pop" - PITCHFORK

"gorgeous, hypnotically flickering electronic-pop jam" - GORILLA Vs BEAR

"'Pretty Baby' Is A Throbbingly Sweet Dance Track" - THE FADER

"Richly textured" - RESIDENT ADVISOR


Kasper Bisgaard-Rasmussen: