Modest made their debut in 2017 with two A-B side singles 'Pretty Sure It’s Honest I' & 'Pretty Sure it's Honest II'. They played Roskilde Festival as a part of their way into the Danish music scene. The singles received critical acclaim in national media which created growing attention around the band. “Please Keep An Eye On Me” is the first single from the long awaited forthcoming debut EP 'For The Better', which will be released in early 2019.

The song is an expression of an ever growing confidence in the performance of their music, where lyrics state themes like uncertainty, pointlessness and being aware of the state of the world. The music is filled with determined energy, while the vocals speak of the fear of being alone - without being lonesome.

"We made the song in a quite chaotic period. None of us were doing so well and each of us struggled to get things going. You keep going even though it would be easier just to give up. There is a desperate energy in the song, but also an optimism and a persistence to hang on. We think it expresses how we felt”

Modest is Julius Lykke (vocal/bass), Stinus Kruse (drums), Jacob Tjerrild (guitar) og Jakob Ahlers (guitar).


Tom Spray: