Marshall Cecil is the name singer Daniel Abraham’s dad wanted him to have. Things played out differently. But if one could be Marshall Cecil in a modern world, you could decide for yourself what you wanted to be. Now Marshall Cecil is a band. A band incorporating all the music Abraham & co has listened to.

Marshall Cecil’s sound is floaty and melancholic. They have a unique talent of mashing together genre seamlessly into their tracks making it difficult for one to label this band, whose music stems from an alternative rock background but in the forefront of the bands sound it oozes references from R&B to pop to hip-hop to electronic. With Abraham's vocals his murmurs, sighs and moans are like another world-weary Matt Berninger. He makes you pay attention, while you’re nodding your head as in a trance to the pulse.

Whether it's happiness, melancholy or triumph, Marshall Cecil is able to express it through music. And then they are very stylish, both ambitiously innovative and hugely listenable at the same time, which is a business in itself.

Things have moved quickly for the Copenhagen trio, they played a sold out show at Huset in October 2017, released debut EP 'Heady (Part 1)' on November 18th 2017, and followed that up with a packed show at Loppen in December.


Tom Spray: