To whom it may concern,
In the age of social media and perfect unattainability, I admit that I'm irrelevant; and also a bit of a bitch. The 'Fresh Meat EP' chronicles my experiences as a high school dropout, navigating through depression, addiction, sexuality, and bullshit music industry politics. Albeit all wrapped up in accessible tunes that teens will relate to and/or your dad can bop to in the car. At times pretentious but always fresh and intriguing.

I write/produce luxurious pop; drawing from Motown, hip hop, Shania Twain and anything authentic that's heartfelt. And, like a true millennial, all my music is created on my phone. I also have a band, whom I call 'my bitches', performing in the Copenhagen underground scene and most notably at Kunsthal Charlottenborg; one of the largest contemporary art galleries in Europe. 'Fresh Meat EP' is set to be released in early 2018 via Escho, preceded by the first single 'Unknown Wonders'


Kasper Bisgaard-Rasmussen: kasper@smashbangpow.dk