“Top 10 Live Acts of the Year”

- GlitterballNYC

“I believe I just witnessed the future of live dance music”

- Petty Nobles Collective

“Top 10 Music of the Year”

- Time Out Magazine NYC”

“Where on earth did this material come from ?”

- The Lowbrow Reader

These 6 musicians, with their unique instrumentation and unorthodox arrangements create a very danceable yet at times puzzling concert. Catchy melodies and chant like lyrics can haunt you for days...

Hess Is More started out as an electronic solo project for Danish musician Mikkel Hess. Through 7 albums and various tours and collaborations the project has developed into a full blown Transatlantic Live Music Ensemble, working with a more collective approach. Their latest release “80 Years” (Edition Records) is a psycho nautical expedition into the depths of harmony and rhythm – a dreamy soulful soundscape existing in the borderland of electronic dance music, afrobeat, krautrock and jazz.

– The ensemble has performed at a long list of international festivals and venues, including concerts in Sao Paolo, Montreal, Istanbul, Beijing, Capetown, London, Berlin, Moscow, Copenhagen, New York... Notable venues include Museum of Natural History (NYC), New Museum (NYC), National Gallery (Copenhagen), The Royal Theatre (Copenhagen), Tivoli Concert Hall (Copenhagen).

– Band leader Mikkel Hess is also a prolific composer for film and theatre. Latest score for feature film “Suicide Tourist” directed by Jonas Arnby and featuring Nikolaj Coster Waldau. The film was the opening film at Sitges Film Festival and will open in Danish Cinemas November 2019. Soundtrack release to follow. Previously film score for “When Animals Dream” that premiered at Cannes Film Festival. The music was nominated twice as “Best Score of Year”, by the Danish Film Academy / Robert Awards and by Carl Prisen. Mikkel Hess has also composed and produced music for two full length ballets with The Royal Danish Ballet, and has created music for a long list of Theatrical stagings.

– Hess Is More has a long tradition of creating music videos along with album releases - now counting more than 10 million views on their YouTube channel.


Viktoria Skovhus - viktoria@smashbangpow.dk