Nanna.B is a soulful songstress from Denmark destined to make a melodic mark on the music industry. At the age of six, she was introduced to various music methodologies as part of her school’s progressive curriculum: she began playing the African drum and singing African chants. These lessons, along with her participation in African and Afro-Cuban dances, became an integral part of her daily life and transformative spiritual experience.

But, before that experience occurred, she had a musical moment of clarity thanks to D’Angelo. One day, while Nanna.B was listening to Brown Sugar, she felt a deeply rooted soul connection to the music and something shifted inside of her. After that memorable moment, she began creating music that spans the genre spectrum to include elements of R&B, Soul, & Electronic. This musical mixture has captivated the likes of Anderson .Paak, Anthony Valadez, Iman Omari, Mndsgn, Shafiq Husayn & the Boiler Room crew to name a few. Through her music, she has been able to inspire the people who inspire her, an impressive feat for an up-and-coming artist.

Since the release of her debut album Vitaphone in 2013, she has been featured on various tracks from renowned labels such as Stones Throw and Jakarta Records. Her self-produced EP LAPIS, slated for release in February 2017 (Powered by Xyion/LoBudgetChildMusic/Empire), is dedicated to divine feminine energy and is named after the cerulean color the gemstone produces. LAPIS’ first single (Beaches) was released on Boiler Room and the second (Where is the $$$), premiered on Billboard. LAPIS is a fitting EP title for a metaphysical maven who incorporates her passion for art, poetry and cosmic elements into her sonic style to create an ethereal sound that aims to uplift listeners.

Nanna.B is not only a musician, but also a visual artist whose style has been said to give her music a cinematic feel. Her passion is her art and she is highly involved in creatively crafting every aesthetic element of her projects. From her music to her videos and artwork, Nanna.B and her self-proclaimed “LoBudgetChild” vibe are naturally integrated into everything she does. This mindset is also present in her personal style and philosophy, which are equal parts low-key tomgirl and ethereal goddess. All in all, she encompasses a multitude of elements that make her sonic style a non-conventional commodity and rarity to this music scene. So take a trip into the world of Nanna.B and let her mantra music serenade your soul.


Kasper Bisgaard-Rasmussen: